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Question: After D&C,when I can take pregnant?

Answer: Dear after D&c once your periods are back to normal and your body is healed completely you can start trying for pregnancy again if your gynae haven't told you otherwise. Hope it helps.
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    Raheema K117 days ago

    Thank you dear

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Question: When can i take bath after c section?
Answer: From second day itself. Take hot water bath. It will energize the body.
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Question: When can I take pillow to sleep after C section?
Answer: You can use pillow.I don't know why you are sceptical about. I never heard about this. See you already went through lot of whatever ease you, you can use it . And pillow gives you lot of comfort in stitches n off course your hurting back. So go ahead n start using it.
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Question: When i can take bath after c section... What steps I should take when bathing in c section part
Answer: Plz ask your doctor as she knows about your stitches condition only she can say when to take bath. Till that time use wet towel to hygiene yourself but avoid stitches area never wet it.
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