Few weeks old baby

Question: After cesarean how many days will be there pain...mine 16 days over but more pain is there...plz reply

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Answer: Hi dear, Post c section stiches heal faster the you walk around.i know it gets difficult for you to walk but try your best.the pain should subside after few more weeks.not to worry ,it is quite common.
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Question: After cesarean how many days after stomach will be reduced
Answer: Dear it's normal to have a pregnant belly even after delivery. Actully dear it takes 9 month for your body to be in the shape so it will take some time to be back on its pre pregnancy shape. Once your baby is 2 months start some mild walk and breastfeeding also burns calories so you will reduce tummy fat..
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Question: how many days the pain will be there after cesarean delivery..????
Answer: any fever (even if your incision looks fine) foul smelling vaginal discharge. pain or burning when urinating, the urge to pee frequently when not a lot comes out, or urine that is dark and scanty or bloody. Your vaginal bleeding and discharge should be diminishing, though it may last up to six weeks.
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Question: How many days C-section pain will be there.... Mine is completed 1month.... Still getting pain
Answer: Hi dear....if your c- section is still painful then you should visit the doctor....as i also had c- section and my stitches, pain everything gone in 15 days....15 days im considering maximum...so you call your doctor and ask for it.... take care
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