19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After cervical stitches i can walk

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Answer: Hi Dear! Its actually case specific and you should listen to your Dr. as to wht he has prescribed, because i hv seen ppl completely on bed rest and some of my ex colleagues continued office after stitches so its important to take care according to your Dr.s advice but i would say if you r allowed to work it will be better to walk slowly.. Hope this helps!
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    Sari Pragna774 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: After cervical stitches i can walk more
Answer: Dear it actually depends on why the cervical stitches were given to you. See if they were given precaution due to a medical history of preterm birth then walking is fine however if they were given because the mouth of ur uterus was opening then you should be resting as much as possible and doing only household work. Also it deoends on the gestation urs is only 19 weeks so critical stage is there you need to be extra cautious till you complete 32 weeks which would be safer even if you have had ur delivery the next day so please take more care while you are in this phase of pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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Question: Does cervical stitches can be opened accidentally
Answer: Dear if put wrong pressure, heavy lifting work and sex and body exertion is done then it can get open. So that's why a complete bedrest is advisable after stitches to avoid any complication.
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Question: I have stitches on internal os cervical can i travel
Answer: Hello! You are not suppose to travel after cervical stitches. You should be mostly on bed rest and avoid much movement. For further assistance, consult the doctor. Take care
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