Few days old baby

Question: After C-section which is a proper position to sleep??

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Answer: Yes any positions to sleep but additional to this, I have heard and even tried for sleeping on stomach which may help us to get back original flat stomach at least for some starting days after delivery
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    Pallavi Varade609 days ago

    Have u tried this??

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    Kanchan Deore504 days ago


Answer: Hello dear you can sleep right, left side or lie on your Back dear.. There is no restriction of position after delivery dear.. You can sleep how you feel more comfortable..
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    varun karthik611 days ago

    Can we life on our back during pregnancy..cz I icoudnt b able slp towards rite

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    Shikha Shukla611 days ago

    Hello dear yes You can lie for some time.. For about 10-15 minutes.. In pregnancy sleep on left side is the best position.. Left side benefits your baby.. It provides oxygen and supply nutrients to your baby

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