2 months old baby

Question: After c section when we can do inter course

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Answer: Hello dear. Although you may experience slightly less bleeding with a cesarean section, it will still take about six weeks for you to recover completely. And you should have intercourse again once given the ok by your obstetrician and when you feel comfortable. Take care.
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Question: After c section when can we do inter course
Answer: Hello... Dear after c section delivery,you can have intercourse after three months, but if you have any pain or bleeding after that, please consult doctor
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Question: Can we do inter course during pregnancy???
Answer: Hi dear , first trimester it should be avoided. And also in later months of pregnancy last weeks wen baby comes head down position it should be stopped.
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Question: is it normal to have abdominal pain after first time inter course after 6months of delivery via c section?
Answer: Hello! Abdominal paint now could be due to gas, acidic or constipation. There should be no other reason for that. Check for other symptoms and drink plenty of water. May be it might help you.
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Question: C-section Januvary 12 and I can do inter course any prb facing pls tell me
Answer: Hi dear if you have had a C section on 12th of January then there is no problem for you to have Intercourse, according to doctors you need to avoided for one and a half months after your c-section however a lot depends on your comfort so if you are comfortable now you can try.. Hope this helps!
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