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Question: After c section is it ok to drink milk

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Answer: Hi mom, It is absolutely fine to drink milk and infact it is a myth that one shouldn't drink milk. Most mothers and mothers-in-law advice a variety of dietary restrictions like avoiding milk, ghee, rice post caesarean section as according to them this can impair healing of scars. Milk helps in production of breastmilk. It helos in restoration of the lost calcium in our bodies after pregnancy and delivery
Answer: Hie Yes dear you should have atleast a glass of milk everyday to make up with the loss of calcium during pregnancy
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Question: How to reduce tummy fat after c section delivery???any times??..can we drink normal water after c section??
Answer: Yes dear, you can drink normal water.actually tummy will not go away straight away within a day, it takes time about 6-12 months to become normal.breast feeding is one of the easiest way to lose belly fat.so better to give exclusive breast feeding until age of 6 months.post pregnancy back, hands, legs massage will help to lose fluids from tissues and reducing your waist line.better to start abdominal massage after 6 weeks of c section.walking is also helps in reducing calories intially after c section.take high protein and low carbohydrate diets.tummy binding with maternal belt also helps in reducing tummy fat.drink plenty of fluids at least 3-4 litres in a day.get adequate sleep.various exercises like abdominal, kegels, yoga , breathing exercises will helps in reducing belly fat.maternal panties will also help you to support your tummy.take care
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Question: Is it ok to drink butter milk instead of water as I vomit when I drink water!?
Answer: Yes any fluids can help..please have sip by sip water and avoid gulping down..I also use to puke water and my doctor suggested to have water sip by sip..avoid warm water as that can make it severe..
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Question: after c section only 17 days bleeding is this ok?
Answer: It's ok normal 40days minimum and extended upto 3months also bleed
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