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Question: After c section I suffer from low blood. Which food is better for improve blood. Please tell me

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Answer: Even after delivery it is the duty of every mother to take care of themselves too. you may need to take your Iron and Calcium supplements for one year until you feed your baby. In order to compensate the blood losses that you had during your delivery you may need to include iron rich foods in your diet.. you may eat one pomegranate one fig and one Amla everyday. in addition to this includes carrot beetroot black raisins mutton liver drumstick leaves and all green leafy vegetables in your diet..dont miss to take your iron and calcium tablets especially when u have low blood supply
Answer: Hi Do take more garlic,jaggery diets it ll help for good bleeding also take jeera and hing water and dates boiled with milk these all ll help for good bleeding....you might be breast feeding that is also a reason for less blood flow..do not worry
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Question: Please someone tell me normal/ c- section which delivery is better?????
Answer: Hello dear, normal delivery is always better. After normal delivery you can recover soon. Well look at it this way... a vaginal birth is the normal way women have been giving birth since the beginning and a c-section is major surgery. Now which one sounds like the better option? When you have a c-section there are a lot of muscles cut that have to heal and when you a vaginal birth then you may need an episiotomy or you might tear but its not through all the layers of your stomach and uterus. A c-section is so much more serious then a vaginal birth. I would definitely go with the vaginal birth and have an epidural if it is too much for you. Hope it helped, Take care urself....
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Question: post pregnancy belt after c-section.. Pls suggest me which one is better.. I am 45 days after c section.
Answer: Hi dear, I used flamingo brand maternity belt .but now you have many other brands available.pigeon also have maternity belts.
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Question: Which anesthesia is better for c section
Answer: Dear it completely depends on your doctor. There are 2 types one is general anesthesia which makes you sleep during the surgery and the other is epidural which make your lower portion numb which do not let you feel any kind of pain during surgery. I had epidural infact all the ladies in my family who went through cesarian got epidural only. So I would suggest that is better. Hope it helps.
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