3 months old baby

Question: After c section,how many months to come periods

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Answer: Hello dear, ur periods returns often depends on whether ur are breast feeding or not, and u might find ur periods after pregnancy a little different. Your periods will most probably return about six to eight weeks after u give birth, if u are not breastfeeding. If u do breastfeed the timing for period to return can little late coz the of the body's hormones. 
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Question: How many months after will periods start for C-section
Answer: Hello dear, it depends on your body...some women get periods after few months and some after a year of delivery... anything is normal when it comes to periods after delivery....
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Question: hi friends how many months periods come after c section????
Answer: if nt breastfeedng you will get your first period after six to eight weeks after delivery You might not get periods until you stop breastfeeding. But in some women, it could return in a couple of months,If your baby sleeups through the night without breastfeeding from an early age or if you uevssupplement her with formula-feed, you may get your periods sooner than six months.
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Question: After how many months after c section periods come ???
Answer: I get my periods from 3rd month..my friend also...it is differ to others because of their hormones....please like if it is helpful
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