2 months old baby

Question: After c-section delivery of mine I hv gained more weight in my arms can u pls let me know y so?? And what is best way to reduce it??

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Answer: You can start reducing weight after three months. Start with mild exercises and then do yoga
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Question: How can reduce body weight after delivery, because I gained more weight after delivery, please suggest me best tips.
Answer: Hii Now u can take care of ur diet and do regular exercise and yoga.  1) u Need to stay patience and positive about ur body and regime to loose weight. It took long time to gain so do losing .  2) breastfeed ur baby. 3) give sometime to u related to own personal time for visiting spa Parlour suana.  4) eat high carb and low fat diets.  5) drink lots of water.  6) do kengel exercises. 7) use tummy binding method to reduce tummy.  8) Reverse Crunches for flat belly Lie on your back, raise your legs, bent from knee & pull them towards chest as shown Start with 20 per day, increase 10 per 15 days Benefits: reduces abdominal fat, tones hips & thigh muscles 9) Sit on chair, with straight spine. relaxed shoulder & hands besides you Inhale deeply & exhale slowly, while exhaling bring your legs pwards such that knees comes closer to chest Hold this for 5 seconds & relax  Do it 10 times a day Benefits: reduces belly fat, tonnes thigh muscles & arms muscles 10) u can also do a continuous exercise like crunches, reverse Crunch's,vertical legs crunches, rolling plank exercise, side crunch, twist crunch, lunge twist, bicycle exercise and stomach vacuum.
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Question: I have gained so much weight after a C- section delivery how can I reduce it as my baby is five months old and he is on bm
Answer: Hi! You can consult a nutritionist, please don’t go to diet clinics, visit a proper nutritionist and they can give you good diet charts which will provide you all nutrients you need as a mother and yet keep it light. Also indulge in some form of exercise, at least 30 mins work to start with. Don’t worry we all struggle with post pregnancy weight!
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Question: What exercises i can do after 3 months of c-section delivery? I gained 12kg, wants to reduce. Plz suggest.
Answer: It's too early to think about weight loss due to varied reasons. First of all your stitches need minim of 3 months and maximum of 6months to heal. Any form of exercise other than walking and stretching is not recommended before that. Your uterus will take minimum of 10 weeks to shrink to its original size, once it goes back to its size you ll see major difference in your tummy. Breastfeeding is major calorie burner so keep feeding your baby to reduce weight. Do not limit your diet as it's vital for your recovery and your baby's growth. Eat everything in moderation. Try to have meals in small quantity at every 2hours, this will keep you full and will also increase your metabolism.
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