2 months old baby

Question: After c section delivery how many days periods start?

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Answer: Depends on body nature
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Question: How many weeks after C-section delivery menses will start
Answer: Depends upon your boby..... Some women gets their periods after 3 months or some take whole year...... Due to breastfeed you can't ovulate.... Your body have high amount of prolective serum that is a harmones which is needed for beast milk production so.... When you stop breast feeding your periods may come
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Question: after c section how many days periods will continue
Answer: after c-sec, periods may continue till 1.5 months. and congrats and happy motherhood
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Question: After how many days we can start cooking after c section delivery? Specially making chappati?
Answer: Dear ideally a 40 days rest should be taken before you resume household chores. So please avoid atleast till that time. After that it depends on ur body if you think you have healed. Personally i took a 2 months rest complete and then started with household chores. Hope it helps.
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