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Question: After c-section delivery after how many month to sex

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Answer: After three months you can have sex. But be careful as even if periods is absent ovulation will take place. Do chances of pregnancy is high
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Question: For how many days bleeding continues after c section delivery?
Answer: It varies from individual to individual. I know some people who had bleeding only for like 2 weeks while I had it for almost 8 weeks. However, if your bleeding continues beyond 3 months, please show to.the gynecologist
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Question: After c section delivery how many days periods will occur
Answer: It may take up to six weeks for light bleeding to stop. Bleeding that resumes after four to six weeks of delivery may be the sign of your menstrual period.
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Question: Sex after c section delivery
Answer: Although you may experience slightly less bleeding with a cesarean section, it will still take about six weeks for you to recover completely. And you should have intercourse again once given the ok by your obstetrician and when you feel comfortable.
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Question: After c-section delivery..how many months to wait to conceive ..
Answer: Hi dear....wait for atleast 3 yrs to conceive again as ur body is not much strong to get pregnancy soon after ur c section delivery..body need time to heal
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