3 months old baby

Question: after c section copper t. I have put before 3months .now den 2 days .woh jub raha hai .chalne mei betne mei parashaani hai

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Answer: Hello! Please consult karein doctor se immediately
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Question: After c section Dr put me copper t on tat day itself now. But I didnt feel copper t inside. It's safe. I'm so scared
Answer: Hi dear don't worry it would be safe so you don't need to bother about it if you have any doubt about it you could consult the doctor once again to make it clear but dear don't worry copper t don't give any symptoms the only sign will be some ladies will get more bleeding during periods
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Question: Is it safe to insert copper t after the c section delivery after 10 days of menstrual period
Answer: Yes it's good to avoid unwanted pregnancy but you will get excess bleeding during your periods. If my answer is satisfied then mark as helpful.
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Question: I delivered baby 5 months before.they put copper t after delivery. Then i hadb my periods 15 days before. Again yesterday i got periods.what to do? Is this due to copper t? Plzzzzz tell plzzz
Answer: Yes for some women copper t is not suitable better to remove go and ask gync and ask to remove.
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