1 months old baby

Question: Hii after c- section bleeding have stop again from today there is slight bleeding ..is it normal

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Answer: Hi,bleeding may continue till 6 weeks post delivery so don't worry.if the bleeding is too heavy than consult your Dr about this Have a good that is rich in iron like green vegetables. Dates Promegranate Raisins And in consultation with your Dr have irion supplements
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Question: My bleeding stops after 10 days of c section...but today again bleeding started...is it normal or periods
Answer: Hi! It can be periods but to confirm it you need to wait till next cycle. Yes it is common for few mothers to not have periods regularly. For breast feeding mothers also it is very common, the various hormonal upsurge take sometime to get stabilised in the body. However few mothers get it right back within a month after delivery. You need not worry its completely normal, even i had experienced the same. When i heard that from people in my time i was happy that it wont come soon but it came and stayed. I had a discussion on this with my Doctor she said its absolutely normal to get it back. Your hormones are stabilised and body is working on its cycle, nothing to worry. Good luck!
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Question: my bleeding is stop at 53 day after my c section again today(64 day) started.is it any problem r normal
Answer: Some women get thier mensutral cycle after 45 days . Check for bleeding ...if it is heavy then consult gynac
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Question: I had c section on 2nd november,my bleeding stopped after 15 days of operation ,now again it is started today..is it normal in c section?
Answer: For a breastfeeding mother, the periods will be irregular.
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Question: after c section it's 5th week running ..still it's bleeding. .is it normal. ..when it'll stop
Answer: It’s completely normal. This blood is called lochia, and is a type of vaginal discharge. It will start off heavy in the days just after birth, and taper off at around a month of giving birth. When the blood tapers off, it should start to become watery and turn yellow or white. It may be alarming to see that much blood after giving birth, but it’s important to remember that the amount of blood in your body rises by 50% during pregnancy, so your body is ready for this type of heavy blood loss.
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