8 months old baby

Question: After bcg injection there is no spot or raised bubble noticed on my sons arm. Is there any problem if there is no spot formed after bcg?

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Answer: If your child did not have this reaction to the vaccine, it does not mean that they have not responded to it. There's no need to vaccinate with BCG a second time.
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Question: Hello sis... My baby is 12days old morning I noticed red spot on her eyes.. Is there any problem
Answer: When my baby was born ..she also had a red spot in her eye..but after some time that red spot disappear automatically.
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Question: In my baby's arm the bcg injection mark is swallowing bt she is not having pain.is it ok or having any problem?
Answer: Mark will be there permanently but swelling will reduce ofter some time, apply cold pack to reduce swelling and pain
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Question: Hello doctor....My baby has no scar of bcg injection in his hand... Is there any problem????
Answer: No issues pa,some babies vl nt gt scar... B happy.....
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