Few days old baby

Question: After baby I feel lyk my hubby is not interested in me anymore..but he is very loyal...before he used to love me soo much...I feel lyk crying..and I had already told him bout how I feel but no change...what to do.plz gyz help me...I'm feeling like how will I spend rest of my lyf without love....I can't share this wid mom ..plz gys help me

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Answer: apne doc se cnslt karlena
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Question: My 4 month old baby doesn't take breastfeed during day. He feel hungry and cries a lot but reluctant to take feed. What should i do.plz help me
Answer: Hi dear...Crying can b due to several reasons, not only becoz of hunger..My baby had same problem...Later i found out that due to gas, baby is not taking feed and crying.. so find out the proper reason, and if there is nothing, then it's just a phase when they get distracted to many things in outside world...Make him calm, by singing or playing with him and then offer feed
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