15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: After baby delivery, what shld we do. I want to know each and every thing abt me and my baby....procedure, eating, taking rest....etc etc etc.....

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Answer: You Must take 3 months rest dont take heavy weight for 3 month and if ur delievery was in c section should not bend to much for 3 months if u have normal delievery have to tie ur belly and put water to ur stomach forcely have to take good and healthly foods like green leaves eggs mutton fish methi rava to increase ur breast milk have to feed ur baby atleast 6 months upto 6 month ur baby should not give anyother food nonother than ur milk be clean and keep babies surrounding very clean baby should not be in dust sleep wen ur baby sleep and wakeup een ur baby wakesup
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Question: My baby do potty after every and each meal
Answer: Hi if ur a feeding mom see if ur eating spicy food if s then reduce it or stop it this will help ur baby alot immediately and if he's already on solid or semi solid then change his diet n give him lot of water which is boiled n cooled, give him a gud quantity of veggies, fruits or vegetable stock n apply lil lukewarm castor oil on naval n massage a lil wen weather is warm or hot or if ur in a cold place apply it in de afternoon.
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Question: I want to know each and every thing regarding my baby
Answer: Your developing baby is called an embryo from the moment of conception to the eighth week of pregnancy. After the eighth week and until the moment of birth,  your developing baby is called a fetus.
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Question: Hi my baby taking BM for five minutes on each side after he was crying. I do not know the reason. Pls tell me what can i do
Answer: May be he not getting that much of milk as required.... If this continues then introduce formula milk in routine
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