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Question: After abortion how many days after do we get periods

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Answer: your period should go back to normal 4-8 weeks after your abortion. When your next period will come depends on the birth control method you use. If you're not on birth control, you should have a period by 8 weeks after your abortion.
Answer: You get normal periods like as before abortion
Answer: After my miscarriage I got after one month
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Question: Aftr how many months we can do for abortion??
Answer: Hey dear dont think abht negative baby s a gift of god so dear never think abht abortion. If there s any medicinal issue then its ok otherwise don't go 4 abortion. If then also any one think abht abortion then befire 3 months completed abortion can be happens. Take care
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Question: After delivery, after how many months do we get periods.. mine is c sec
Answer: dear post delivery you can get your period as early as within 2 months and days after 1 year of delivery and both considered normal.
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Question: How many months we should take folic acid after abortion.
Answer: Hii Dr... Taking folic Acid atleast 3 months will help u to get pregnant after abortion
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