22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: after 3rd month I have stop vomiting but today I am having vomiting. can't eat anything and feeling very weak. what's the reason

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Answer: Dats common..Dear.I have vomits at 29 week also.pls take antacid tabs vch are refered by ur doctor.
Answer: its normal.... even im going thru d same..
Answer: Don't worry it is ok
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Question: My vomiting till yet not stop.. i am feeling very much tired and i can't do any work but i am so hungry i can't eat food
Answer: Itz one of the major symptoms many pregnant women face..the hormonal levels will start fluctuating during pregnancy,thereby,leading to nausea,sick..try changing eating habits.dnt take fried foods and spicy foods..take liquids lyk clear fruit juices,cocconut water,buttermilk but not in large quantities..take small meals..take high-protein snack before bed..start ur day with warm water mixed with lemon n honey,nxt have some crackers like oat crackers or chickpea crackers before nausea hits u..also introduce ginger water mixed with honey or ginger tea twice a day.dnt worry and njoy ur pregnancy with healthy food
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