38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Afi normal range at 38 weeks?

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Answer: Normal afi ranges from 8 to 20 cm. And as pregnancy progress afi level gets decreased. So to maintain afi level have atleast 2-3 ltr of water daily. Include as much as water source you can. Like coconut water, daal, fruits which are have high water content etc.
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Question: What is the normal range of AFI at 22 weeks?
Answer: hello.. dear An AFI between 8-18 is considered normal.
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Question: Normal afi in 38 weeks?
Answer: Hi dear it may vary from 8 to 18 but infact till that it may go till 6 but having below than 6 will be a major concern and doctor may prefer going for c sec
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Question: normal AFI range in 34 weeks of pregnancy?
Answer: Hello dear, An amniotic fluid level between 8-18 is considered normal. Mediam amniotic fluid  level is approximately 14, from week 20 to week 35, The exact number can vary by gestational age. Take care urself...
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