7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Advice on food stuffs please and also on travel to office since am working

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Answer: U can travel to office in car or local train or two wheeler if ur pregnancy is not having any complication. Just have a healthy meal lots of vegetables and do not forget about the calcium intake Milk is the best source for calcium. Based on the personal experience I used to take 3 glasses a day during my pregnancy . Eat or drink 4 servings of dairy products or foods rich in calcium. Dairy products are the best source of calcium. Other sources of calcium are dark, leafy greens, fortified cereal, breads, fish, fortified orange juices, almonds and sesame seeds. Sweet potatoes are very rich in beta-carotene, a plant compound that is converted into vitamin A in the body. Broccoli and leafy greens contain most of the nutrients that pregnant women need. They are also rich in fiber, which may help prevent or treat constipation.Whole grains are packed with fiber, vitamins and plant compounds. They are also rich in B-vitamins, fiber and magnesium, all of which pregnant women need. Dried fruit may be highly beneficial for pregnant women, since they are small and nutrient-dense. Just make sure to limit your portions and avoid the candied varieties. Drinking water is important because of the increased blood volume during pregnancy. Adequate hydration may also help prevent constipation and urinary tract infections.
Answer: Yeah it is better to avoid stuff food that means junk foods if you are going to office take a career and go travel travelling in bus is ok for travelling in by bike or auto it may be chances of miscarriage at least for 3 months take a bus and travel
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Question: I am working lady and i need to travel to my office. Does speed breaker on roads while driving cause a problem in pregnancy.
Answer: There is no harm in travelling and you certainly can't avoid speed breakers but yes sudden bumps and here's should be avoided. Drive slowly over speed breakers, try to maintain an average speed so you can avoid jolts. Take extra care of yourself though. 1) Carry lunch and snacks so you can eat something at every 2hours. 2) Drink a glass of water at every 1 hour. 3) Don't sit for more then a hour. Stand, walk and then resume sitting. 4) Place a stool under your desk so that you can keep your feet at raised surface, this way your legs won't swell up. 5) Chances of UTI are very common during pregnancy hence carry a toilet disinfectant spray. Use it to sanitise seat. 6) Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Avoid wearing tight clothes. With proper planning and care you can easily continue working till labour.
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Question: am working women i get car from office is it ok to travel in 2nd month
Answer:  These useful tips can help make you more comfortable: Sitting anywhere for long periods of time can make your feet and ankles swell and your legs cramp. Take a break from driving at least every 90 minutes. To prevent cramps, find somewhere safe to walk around and do some simple stretches. If you're sitting or standing, extend your leg, heel first, and gently flex your foot to stretch your calf muscles. When you're sitting, rotate your ankles and wiggle your toes. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes too. You don't need a waistband or tight blouse digging in when you're travelling. If sitting in the car gives you backache, try putting a cushion, foam wedge or rolled up sweater in the small of your back. Make sure you have plenty of healthy snacks and drinks with you to nibble on the journey. Some good options are fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples (seb), carrots (gajjar), bananas, oranges (santara), dried fruits, nuts, murmure or stuffed paranthas and sandwiches. You should always wear a seat belt when you're travelling in a car, whether you're pregnant or not.
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Question: Is it safe to travel by bus daily for the office as am working ?
Answer: Hello dear. Travelling in pregnancy completely depends on you as to how confident and comfortable you are while travelling and also it depends if you have a green signal from the doctor, and there would be no problem if there are no complication or restriction in your pregnancy. Take care.
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