12 months old baby

Question: Adding a pinch of pepper powder in lunch for 11 months old baby is good or bad

2 Answers
Answer: It's good. U can also add elichi and cinnamon powder. They also enhances taste and gives health benifits to a baby.
Answer: Pinch of pepper is safe
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Question: Using a pinch of hing in food during pregnancy is good or bad
Answer: Hi If added in a very little quantity (just a pinch) it may not cause any harm as such during pregnancy. Eating hing can also cause nausea and vomiting because of its strong flavour.  If you have blood pressure problem, you should not use even a pinch due to its interference with blood pressure control. Worst of all, hing has abortifacient property, which means it can lead to miscarriage.
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Question: Is adding a pinch of pepper powder to a soup ok for 9 months old baby.
Answer: Hello dear... Yes, you can add, pepper has lot of antioxidant properties and also protect against cold, can also add two whole pepper, while making soup, and extract soup and feed baby, it will be more effective
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Question: Hi All,my daughter is 11 months old, am adding pinch of salt in her food,is it causes some health disease?
Answer: Mostly doctors says to avoid sugar or salt till one... But I added a pinch... No issues
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