Question: Actually... I am having missed periods.. had a check up with preg card... And it shows positive.. so am I pregnant???. Last period start date - Aug16 - Aug 21 If am pregnant, how to track pregnanc .. From which day.. I have to calculate?? Kindly suggest me??

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Answer: Urine test can sometimes give you false positives and false negatives also, especially at such early stages. Mine showed negative at five weeks and we thought it was pcod. Blood test is more conclusive, but the best thing to do is still to get an early pregnancy scan done. Many gynecs have a scan machine in the clinic and can quickly check when you go for a consultation. Please do so. You'll start calculating from 16th Aug. You are probably five weeks pregnant. Good luck!
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Question: I missed my period since 9days....I have done card pregnancy test which shows positive it completely sure that i am pregnant
Answer: Hi dear, Congrats on your pregnancy.since you are 6 weeks pregnant now you can definitely visit doctor.your first scan is done between 6-10's heart beat is also detected at this time.wiah you all the best!
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