38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: According to my last periods my duedate is 15th nov...but ultra sounds shows 1-12 -2018...dr call me for c-section on 5th of nov..n my baby weight is 2.4 gm

Answer: Dear the delivery date is based on your baby's growth. So if it has changed it could be that your baby's growth is going according to that. If your gynae has asked for a csection then this decision is usually based on lot of things. Talk to her understand why she has asked for a csection. Without knowing the reason it makes it hard to understand. Hope it helps.
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Question: My C -section was on 31st oct. 2018. My bleeding was stopped on 5th nov. But after 12 days i m having spots of bleeding like 1 spot in a day ... is this normal or should i visit doctor ??
Answer: Dear only visit a doctor if the bleeding increases. In my view it should stop after sometimes on its own. If you observe an increase in the spotting or experience bleeding then please consult the gynae. Hope it helps.
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Question: My last period come on 22 nov 2018.but after that i miss my periods .
Answer: Hi dear, I am not sure if you have any issues with irregular periods.if not,then please have your pregnancy as soon as possible.ypu could be pregnant,and that is why the missed period.you could also visit your doctor right away and eat your abdominal scan done anyhow.
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Question: My last lmp is on 24 nov 2017 and doctors give me my expacted date on 31 aug 2018 but my ultra sound shows on oct 4 says that according to the fetal size it shows the date so i wonder does my baby not groeing well or my delivery date will be delay
Answer: Hi. This isnt possible you need to go for re scan dear. Consult your doctor regarding this. Good luck.n
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