8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: According to my lmp i am 9weeks pregnant but my sonography is showing 6weeks embryo which heartbeat is 109 doctor said nothing but i am in verybtense is the heartbeat is normal?

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Answer: Do not worry. If your doctor has said nothing then you should not worry. It happens ... Lmp we calculate from day we missed period. It always means that you can be pregnant on any date in the entire month. There is always a difference of 10 days when calculating usg and lmp Do not worry. Wait for two weeks. Heartbeat shall go up to 135bpm
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    Tejita Rai928 days ago

    Thank you so much doctor i am greatful to you,,

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Question: I have pcod my lmp is 21 September 2019 I'm pregnant according to my sonography my doctor said that I'm five weeks pregnant but according to lmp it should be 7 week....after sonography scan doctor said that there is no heartbeat my doctor said to take scan after 2 week to check the heart beat....is this normal.
Answer: Hey it is a common issue for ladies with irregular period..but no matter what a week or two difference is absolutely fine in pregnancy..so not to worry .and heat beat would be developed in coming two weeks dnt worry.my baby's came at 8 th week..so stay positive..
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Question: Hello doctpr i am 9weeks pregnant now according to my last LMP date.. but today in my ultrasound doctor said its 6weeks and 1day pregnant.. i any problem to baby
Answer: Hello dear, LMP date may not be entirely accurate if you don't have a 28 day cycle or have irregular periods...  It also doesn't take into consideration the actual day you conceived, when sperm met egg, etc...If an ultrasound gestational age date in the first trimester differs from your LMP date by seven days or more, consider the date given in the ultrasound.. there is no need to worry..
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Question: According to my doctor I am 38 weeks pregnant but according to LMP I am 36 weeks pregnant. Which one is to consider doctor's measurement or LMP?
Answer: I don't know why your doctor is saying 38weeks ..generally gestation period is calculated using lmp..check what is given in your scan reports..if would be accurate to a great extent
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