9 months old baby

Question: Accidentally I drop too many otrivin drops to my 9 months baby nose what happens I'm really worried

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Answer: Really ortivin is nothing but salt water so don't worry it will not do any harm but dear it's batter to give any medication to baby as it's prescribed.. otherwise as of now there is nothing to worry about..
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    rumana khan557 days ago

    Thanks a lot

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Answer: Hi,that's ok do t worry Rice cereal us light and can be digested easily so there is nothing to worry,in case the baby gets indigestion or loose motions s ,you should inform your Dr .
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Question: I'm using otrivin nose drop for cold.. Is it Okk or harmful for baby?
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Answer: are you putting the drops which r prescripted by doctor or not? if not then plz consult doc before giving it..
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