26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Abhi 24 weeks chalrahihe kabhi kabhi pet main dard ho rahihe ,,kyun

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Answer: Hi As the baby grows, your uterus is expanding and your ligaments are stretching your organs around uterus are forced to shift So slight pain can be expected however if the pain is severe it's best to consult with your gynaclogist regarding same
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Question: Mera sare body main khujli Ho rahihe main kya karu
Answer: Apply a mix of coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil and castor oil in equal measure. Use this twice a day. It will provide relief. As your skin is stretching it's getting dry due to wch you are experiencing itchiness. Other than this keep yourself hydrated, add foods wch are rich in omega 3 and natural oils this will maintain the elasticity of the skin. If itchiness persists then you can get your liver checked as sometimes due to liver infection one might feel itchiness all over body. take care.
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Question: Mera pet kabhi kabhi bohat tight ho jata hai, aur main peshab jaise hi karke aati 2 min baad phir lag jati.. Aisa kyun?
Answer: Ye normal hai jaise jaise apka baby grow karega apka stomach size mein badhega aur tightness feel hogi. Pregnancy mein organs constantly shift hote hain, air uterus expand hota hair. Body stretch hoti hai jiss wajah se tightness aur uneasy Ness feel hoti hai, baby ka weight ke according stomach bhi bada hota hai. Aap healthy diet lo aur jitna possible ho rest karo.
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Question: Mujhe gas ki problem jyada ho rahihe main kya karun
Answer: Try to eat small small meals instead of three large ones Avoid food that are spicy, acidic, fried or fatty as they cause more acidity Avoid coffee,tea etc... Go for walk, meditation, yoga etc Have dinner at least 2 hours before sleep. Most important drink lots and lots of water If not relieved you can ask your doctor about the liquid antacids like digene syrup
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