8 months old baby

Question: Usko abhi running nose bhi chalu ho gaya kya karu

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Answer: I would also suggest you to please give massage with almond oil on the palms if hands and feet of your baby. Also you can do this home remedy. Take 2 bay leaves,a tablespoon of ajwain and 2 laung and heat them on a tawa till fragrant and turn little black. Then put this mixture in a handkerchief and tie a knot. Let it cool a bit till that level that the heat can be tolerated by baby. I would suggest exactly of the temperature you feed her milk with.Now use this warm mixture pack to give warmth on your baby's chest,back and near nose. In case the baby is not OK taking the warmth of it or is feeling uneasy it's ok . In that case reheat it and keep near baby's pillow. The fragrance will help give baby relief. Also if it persists please pay a visit to your pediatrician
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    Priyanka Teli1312 days ago