5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: abdominal tightening at first month

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Answer: Hi, this is normal during entire pregnancy. It happens due to the he growing uterus which stretches and pulls the muscles and ligaments. Nothing to worry. Make sure you stay hydrated.
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Question: is abdominal tightening and mild cramping normal at 30 weeks?
Answer: Then tightening is bcz of gasetic problem n cramping is bcz of baby expansion
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Question: Can tightening of abdominal muscles harm the baby inside?!!
Answer: You should not try any exercise to tighten the abdominal muscles as already they are stretched due to pressure of uterus on abdominal muscles and it is a normal process which won't cause any problems to baby. So just maintain your diet well and drink lots of water stay hydrated.
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Question: Is lower abdominal ( panty liner) tightening and mild cramp is normal?
Answer: I think, this is because you are short. Don't worry. Pray well. Everything will be ok.
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