15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Aaj pehli baar mujhe chakkar aaye wo bhi market me.. i m worried about it.. i am working and live alone

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Answer: Hello Dear it might be due to several reasons. It can be due to low blood pressure, or low blood . For this you need to check your Bp and blood. Next it can be because of overcrowding . Most of the times if there are more things and you are not getting enough oxygen then aapko chakkar aa sakti hai. Just make sure you get fresh air all the time. Avoid warm temperature. Keep your body hydrated. Hope this helped you alot
Answer: Cani eat mango jam dr
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Question: Hlo , mujhe after delivery ek baar period aakr dobara nhi aaye ...m tensed pregnancy kit se bhi check kiya but vo bhi negitive h kya kru worried
Answer: It happens because of hormonal imbalance you need to keep calm your period will be come in some days don't be worry.
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Question: Hello doctor.. my son is 1 &half year old. His not walk and not standing alone... I'm worried about it .. please tell me about it?
Answer: Practice walking with the baby holding his hand. Regularly do this then the baby will start walking without support
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Question: Hello ...I am 4 months pregnant...mujhe urine bhut baar jana pdta hai ...Mai pain bhi jyada nhi leti...aise kyu Ho rha hai..i m working
Answer: Hello dear,  Passing urine frequently can also be influenced by pressure on the woman's bladder from her growing uterus. Avoid beverages like tea, coffee or alcohol as they are diuretic in nature. They will certainly increase the urge to pee. Cut back on the fluids before you go to bed but make sure you drink more water during the day. You should consume at least eight glasses of water. Wear a sanitary pad especially if you have a cough or sneeze. Coughing, sneezing or activities like lifting heavy objects may sometimes cause leakage, and it may embarrass you.  Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: aaj subh se koi bhi movement feel nhi hui mujhe...kya kru ...i m worried
Answer: There are various reasons a baby may move less. Babies experience cycles of sleep while they are in the womb, Your baby will not usually move during their sleep periods. Mothers emotional and physical state can influence the amount a baby will move. Dehydration and fasting can also cause the baby to move less, it is important to eat and drink well to ensure the health of the baby. movement is sometimes caused by a leak or rupture in the amniotic sac that surrounds the baby. Now baby is in full growth and has very less space. Baby has difficulties to move in the uterus due to low space. Call your doctor when you do not feel any movements.
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