36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: A white pimple (lump) has come on right lip of my vagina and its painful. Im 36 weeks pregnant now. Any one has faced this? Any remedies? Should I consult the doctor

Answer: Yes please consult doctor
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Question: My baby has white milky patches on her lower lip and tongu, it looks like yeast infection, should I consult doctor or will it go on its own
Answer: Yes, it is more towards candidiasis infection. It is an oral thrush. Please get a prescription of candid ointment 1% cream which can be applied on babies tongue and gums once a day or twice as prescribed by your paediatrician looking at the extent of the lesion.
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Question: White dischrge from vagina right now 36 weeks pragnent what is the reson..?
Answer: Hllo dear u r 36 weeks pregnant .Vaginal discharge s common during pregnancy ..it called Leukorreha...as is thin ..white... milky.. nd mild smelling...its normal.nd nothing for u to worry abht...This s because the changing harmones of pregnancy can stimulate the vagina to increase production of this vaginal secretion...
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Question: I'm 12 weeks pregnant and im having light pain on right side of my stomach .Is this normal pain or should i consult a doctor?
Answer: Yes I guess because our body harmaones get changed everything .as the doctor has said you to wait just wait for a week .our body depends on what we eat also.Too much of heat makes our period prepone and vice versa
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