14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: A large subcronic hematoma occured inferior to the sack of the baby during 11 weeks.i admitted in hospital for last 2 week and now huge amount of blood clotts are discharging from my body.wht is the reason for this hematoma.wht are precuations i will take for safety of baby.if any food avoided or included for solving this problem

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Answer: You need to be in hospital till bleeding will stop and hematoma will be resolved. I also had problem with hemmorage. You need to have complete bed rest and take all your medicines on time. It need time, treatments and bed rest to be resolved. Go to washroom only Do NT take bath every day. Use wet towel to clean your body instead of taking bath. There are many reasons for hematoma may be trauma; may be chorion created hematoma itself maybe due to low blood flow it's not possible to find reason. Whenever your bleeding will stop don't be active you need to be on bed rest at least 7-10 days more. If you have constipation or you go for motion with pressure use stool softener you should go for motion without any pressure. Don t stop any medicines without doctor s permission.
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Question: I m 11 week pregnent.i have done ultrasound 2days back.baby's heartbeat is normal and others are normal.Dr said me that there is no complication found in ultrasound.yesterday and today morning i seen light spotting on my underwear.not bleeding.i.e.no flowing of blood.no abdominal pain.what is the reason for this?pls help me.
Answer: Light spotting is okay..... Be in full bed rest.. Dnt do any household chores..... If spotting turns to bleeding den better to consult doctor...... It's best if u consult Now also...
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Question: Last minth i got periods on feb17 and this month on 17 i could see red mucus in urine..and there are no signs of periods.... I missed my perods for 11 days and i also got negative for pregnancy test.... What could be the reason for my delayed periods
Answer: Hello dear, sometime not having period could be a reason of harmonal disbalance, due to PCOD, thyroid, stress, immediate losing or gaining weight , some sickness, diabetes or may be due to low hb. Or may be due to irregularity in ur period u may be in the verge of getting pregnant but ur hcg is not that enough to detect ur pregnancy so it is better to consult doctor to get to know the actual status. 
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Question: Hi there.. sometimes my baby is throwing up milk in large amounts during feeding or immediately after feeding. Mostly when i lift her and put her on shoulder to give burp. Is it considered as vomiting or is it happening because of wrong handling the baby and stomach being pressed? After vomit baby is active and doesn't even cry. So what could be the reason for this huge throwups?
Answer: My dear baby is having too much of milk because of which baby pukes exam is that he has had your baby with less Milk but you can feed your baby in frequent duration
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