4 months old baby

Question: A baby is 27 days old now. But caught an infection on whole body. many mdium sized bloisters appear in the body.What to do???

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Answer: Please consult to your doctor
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Question: Hello doctor, my child had fever two days ago, now there is no fever but there are rashes in the whole body. Is this chicken pox?
Answer: His sis there is nothing to worry, it may be measles. You should take him to the doctor as soon as possible. Measles,is a highly infectious disease. It is spread through the Measles Virus. First, throat of the child gets infected and after that the fever comes. Therefore, get your child treated quickly
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Question: I had an ultrasound in 8th week but the heartbeat of baby didnot shown now I m 10 week pregnant. Is it ok to have an ultrasound now ? Plz give me a suggestion what should I do......
Answer: You should go for scan now to check the baby's heart beat
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Question: Getting several marks on whole body . It might.be 50 butterfly mask (pigmentation) in sport form. What to do it is bothering mee a lot
Answer: Don worry dear..it is all part of pregnancy Butterfly pigmentation is called melasma..you don't have to do anything it reduces by itself after your delivery
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