2 months old baby

Question: Zincovit drops how much quantity and how many times given by 3 rd month baby?

1 Answers
Answer: These vitamin syrups must be given as per your doctor's advise dear...as the dosage is prescribed as per your baby's height and weight dear..
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Question: How many times and how much quantity of water must be given to 6 month old?
Answer: Hi dear you don't have to give too much water just a little bit to digest the food not to have constipation that much is enough.
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Question: How much quantity n how many times should solid food be given to 8mnth baby
Answer: 8 month old baby should be given 3 times food it can be 2 meal and one snacks. So you can give lunch , dinner and evening snacks to baby or breakfast, evening snacks and dinner. Quantity depends on how much baby can take.
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Question: How much quantity of food and how many times should be given to 7month old baby ?
Answer: 2 to 3 spoons once a day.give banana to baby its healthy n make raagi jaava.
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