10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Yolk sac is there but no fetal .. n heartbeat.. any problem

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Answer: Hi dear if this situation is in 10th week then chances of ur pregnancy being safe is less. U need to consult doctor and ask what to do now as chance is high for dnc dear. Plz don't get disheartened as I m sure with proper monitoring u will get pregnant again.
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Question: Is there any chances of appearance of yolk sac n fetal pole in 9th wk because there is no fetal pole yolk sac in 8th week scan
Answer: Yes dear it happened with me also, doctor asked me to do scan in 10th week and the fetal was shown.. So dont worry too much.
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Question: Hello dr there is gestation sac and yolk sac and also found fetal pole but no heartbeat
Answer: Wait for some more weeks it might resume. Take full rest have nutritious food and all your medicines properly.
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Question: Hello, iam 5 weeks and 1 days pregnant.scan report doesnt show fetal pole and sac margin is irregular. but there is gestational sac and no yolk sac. What is irregular sac n is there any problem plz help me
Answer: hi dear! dear so this will be a non viable pregnancy dear . it wont continue so dear best is you take pills and end it dear as nothing will be formed inside. An irregular gestational sac as the name suggests is a gestational sac which does not have the well defined, regular borders of a normal gestational sac. so sorry for this . take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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