33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Yesterday my wife undergone tiffa-2 test. The results mentioned that kid is having renal pelvis dilatation with sizes 8.3 and 8.6mm . What are the steps to be taken? Is it normal for the kid in future? I'm very much worried. Please help

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Question: During Tiffa Scan Yesterday,What is the meaning of mild dilatation of pelvis 3mm..my wife is 23 weeks pregnant mother
Answer: Hello Dear it means yur wife cervix is getting dilated which is not good in this early stage. Yu need to discuss with yur doctor she may suggest cervical stitches and ask bedrest for yur wife. Don't worry yur doctor will check n handle it. Jus meet her. Take care
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Question: hai, I'm 19 weeks pregnant, I have undergone glucose test yesterday, the result is 154.4, does it effect my baby? nd plz suggest me precautions to be taken
Answer: The average fasting glucose for pregnant women without any diabetes condition range from 69 to 75 and from 105 to 108 immediately one hour after consuming food. If you have preexisting diabetes or you have developedgestational diabetes, the best way to handle the blood sugar level is to ensure that it remains in between the normal range, not going too low or high. Gestational Diabetes, which established blood glucose goals especially for diabetic women, during the period of pregnancy, the fasting blood sugar should not exceed 96. Blood sugar should remain below 140 just one hour after eating and below 120 two hours later. so first consult your doctor and follow the medications with that go for walking in fresh air if possible in morning and evening because when you are with diabetes walking ill help and support you a lot secondly you need to control the diet and proper rest is important
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Question: Hello My wife has undergone TIFFA scan today which reported right foot of baby is cross in direction. Is anything steps to be taken now as I see my wife is worrying alot. Doctor said after the delivery of the baby it can corrected by adjusting the foot everyday else by a surgery
Answer: Hi there can nothing be done I listen your wife deliver your baby . Because it might need small surgery or foot correction which can only be done after birth
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