1 months old baby

Question: Yesterday itself my baby start vomiting after feeding every time. Also crying a lot.actually my mother in law shaking a baby hardly daily. I cant do anything, i told to her too many times dnt shake baby but she didnt hear anything. Is that any problem to do shake baby.im very afraid of this.then she gave hard massage to my baby during bathing time.my baby cried a lot daily, i dont know what to do.....is there any problem came or not.pls ans my ques

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Answer: Yes first two to three months you gain much weight. After third month you start vomiting so your weight will b normal
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Question: hloo ...my baby is 4month old.till she didnt roll.is it any problem???how do help her??
Answer: Dear it is too early to expect the baby to do that. Your baby may be able to kick himself over, from his tummy to his back, as early as age 4 months. It may take him until he's about 5 or 6 months to flip from back to front, though, because he needs stronger neck and arm muscles for that maneuver. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 8 days old...she didnt passing stool for 3 days....is anything problem?what should i do?
Answer: constipation is common in babies as their digestive system is weak. Take care of your diet since you are feeding, as food which causes indigestion to you can bring indigestion and constipation to baby. Apply warm oil on babies tummy and massage, exercise babies legs as if baby is cycling, you drink lot of water especially before and after feeding. If baby cries due to pain, you need to consult doctor and start colicaid drops. As long as baby is active, taking feed well nothing to worry.Take care
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Question: Hello my mother in law shaking a baby hardly daily, i told to her dnt do that but she didn't here anything. She shakes my baby hardly. Is there any problem came or not.i cant do anything against her.pls help me. And also she gave hard massage daily during bathing. Pls help me what can i do ,is there any problem came or not tell me pls
Answer: No dont shake your baby..do not shake your baby hardly stop her..just sway the baby slowly in your hands..or swaddle your baby and soothe your baby if he is crying..but you should not shake your baby..
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