8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Yesterday i done my 1st scanning fetal is in side near to fillopian tube will it will be any harmful

2 Answers
Answer: There is no harmful... But be careful take rest,dont bend too much, and don't climb staircase...
Answer: No you will not have any problem
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Question: When anomaly scanning will be done in my case
Answer: Hello dear An anomaly scan is also known as a mid-pregnancy scan which takes a close look at your baby and your womb. The person carrying out the scan will check that your baby is developing normally, and look at where the placenta is lying. It is mainly performed between 18-22 weeks of gestational age.
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Question: Yesterday they have done transvaginal scanning that is internal scanning ..Is that harmful..? My lower abdomen is paining today...
Answer: Hi there.. Transvaginal ultrasounds are absolutely safe unlike X Rays as no radiation is involved. Feeling of discomfort at the time of ultrasound is normal but the same subsides aftr the scan. If your pain persists then it is advisable to seek a doctors help.
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Question: From Tommorow myn 37th week will start.. in 9th month still my doctor has not done any scanning... so in which week the scanning will be done..?
Answer: its not necessary fr scanning in 9th mnth if everthing is going fine since before.. mine also done in 7th month not after
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