17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Yesterday,I had tt injection it's painful my hand, so apply this ointment(heparin sodium &benzyl nicotinate) it is safe or not?

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Question: Hello, i'm 17th week pregnant yesterday i had tt injection it's painful my hand so apply this ointment(heparin sodium &benzyl nicotinate) it is safe or not?
Answer: ointments are always safe as they are not intra dermal..they just cause relief for the pain.. Also use this ointment only if your doctor has advised you otherwise do not use anything without the consultation of your gynac
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Question: hello doctor my wife is 11 weeks pregnant yesterday she had hand injury is it ok to take TT injection?
Answer: Hi. Yes TT injection is fine to have. As your wife will already need to have 2 TT injection in pregnancy. Make sure second dose is given in difference 4 week.
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Question: I have taken tt injection yesterday..i got swelling and pain at injection site..is anyone experience this...can i apply ice cube on it...
Answer: Hi. Yes dear with TT injection this is common. Yes you can apply ice cube over it, this will helo you to prevent clotting
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Question: I had an injection of tt yesterday but i have swelling over there. Is it normal
Answer: Hi. Yes TT injections do have some side effect. As swelling and feeling heavy.or milkd fever. You can foment swlled area woth ice cube it will help.
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