3 months old baby

Question: Yellowish Watery stool in babies I'm breastfeeding .. What is reason

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Answer: Don't worry about it.is absolutely natural
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Question: My baby is 28days old ,having 8-10 episode of yellowish watery stool daily since 4-5days, what to do?
Answer: hi dear ! so dear the maximum time a new born should poop is around 4-5 times but if its more than it can be diarrhea. so dear you will have to consult your pedia dear as we will have to physically examine the baby if there are any signs of dehydration and if there is any infection dont worry it will be treated if there is any . the stool should be without any lump dear. you should also see if the baby has fever. if not then probably there is less chance of infection. so dear firstly visit your pediatrician. take care dear ! i hope this information was helpful to you dear!
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Question: Reason for watery stool?
Answer: If your baby is literally spurting out water or going absolutely watery stools more than 5 times a day it is considered diarrhoea a creamy or loose stool with slight watery texture is not considered as the diarrhea . Diarrhoea happens in small babies because of infection then secondly because of allergies and third because of any digestive problem acquired from birth. It is very important to wash your hands properly before making formula milk for your baby as well as it is advised and it is highly encouraged to wash your breasts also before feeding your baby . because in summers excessive sweating causes proliferation of bacteria over your skin which can directly be transmitted at the time of breastfeeding when your baby comes in contact with a sweaty breast. also note if you have eaten any junk food or spicy food in 2 days or if you are on any medications, taking antacid for long time may develop diarrhoea in babies you must quickly consult your paediatrician to start and ORS for you baby . take care
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Question: Last two days my babies poop is watery what is the reason
Answer: It weight be when the baby is trying to achieve a milestone. It will be ok after a few days Nothing to worry dear
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