14 months old baby

Question: Yea hi want to know does oats helps babies to gain weight??and wt are the other solids can I give it to my Lo to gain weight

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Question: Hi moms..my twins are nw 18 months old? Can I give them oats ?? Is it helpful to gain weight?
Answer: Hi dear oats is a nutritious and there it have to keep the stomach full for longer period of time but has no particular role in weight gain. So don't give you baby oats for weight gain purpose.
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Question: My babies want to gain Weight give me some suggestions they are twins and 7months old
Answer: Hi! Dont worry about weight till the time your baby is active and meeting milestones. Since they r in their 7 th months you can include ghee, banana, sweet potato, pumpkin in thier diet also veggies khichdi is a good option fr babies to gain weight. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hi momies .. can i give oats porridge for my 8 months baby ? Does it lose or gain weight
Answer: hi dear what is considered as very healthy diet for baby . you can definitely give oats porridge to 8 month old baby. it's full of fibre which helps baby in digestion. if cooked in milk it will definitely increase your baby's weight.
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