2 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Y we should eat dates my mom says not eat dates we can eat nuts

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Answer: Dear dates are rich sources of proteins, fiber and many vitamins, while being very low in fat.so you can eat it but in very very moderate form and that also occasionally. You can eat almonds, Cahsewnuts, raisins but also in moderate form..
Answer: Hello... Dear you can have dryfruits and nuts like dates, almond, raisin, figs,they are so nutritious but since you are in first trimester, have it in moderation it may generate heat
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    Muneest Sundar938 days ago

    Almond is also heat dear

Answer: hi , there is no study that says dates are not safe to eat , infact eating it small /moderate quantities is indeed beneficial for and helps keep up the energy as well.
Answer: Hello... No dear, it is advisable to avoid skydiving and other heavy activities in pregnancy, which is not good for your growing baby
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Question: my son doesn't eat any of the nuts except dry grapes and dates. how can I make him eat nuts
Answer: Hi dear, You can start introducing the dry fruits in form of powder.dry roast the nuts and make it in powder form.now use this in milk,aur any puree etc.once the baby gets used to the taste ,you can slowly introduce it to baby to eat as whole.you can also roast the dry fruits in ghee or butter,and then coat it in little jaggery.offer it to baby.
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Question: Can I eat dates with nuts &honey laddoo
Answer: Hi,yes dates are rich in iron and also help in digestive system ,you can have 2-3 dates daily,but if you have gestational diabetes than you should consult your Dr before having it.
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Question: Shall we eat badam, wall nuts,and dates
Answer: Yes definitely, they are good for you and your baby
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