3 months old baby

Question: Y baby don't do eye contact

2 Answers
Answer: Most of the babies will do eye contact by 3 months.. Wait patiently... 😊😊
Answer: Don't worry .some babies take time to do..every baby is different..
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Question: By what age baby will maintain eye contact?initially how much they will maintain eye contact?
Answer: Hi.. It depends on baby to baby, within time frame of 6 months, all babies manage to make eye contact. Some babies tend to make eye contact even in three months.
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Question: My baby do eye contact only when he is lying down...y this happens pls ANS
Answer: Hello! It is fine, they are very small now. So it fine. Also at this age they get distracted very easily and are interested in seeing other stuff. So don't worry. Take care
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Question: When my baby will do eye contact with me
Answer: Hi dear, Baby's eyesight could develop from 2 and half months to 3 months.till then babies won't be able to recognise and some objects appear blur to them.
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