36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Wt to eat ind 9th mon. of pregnancy?

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Answer: Eat normally as you do! With a diet which provides all the necessary vitamin, mineral, iron, calcium, folic acid, zinc, manganese. And exclude Papaya in any form. Food that produces gas and uneasyness or constipation please avoid.
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Question: Is is safe to eat muskmelon seeds in 9th mon.?
Answer: Hi dear yes u can have as it is bank of neutrition. It is good for snacking with other dry fruits also. But make sure to keep qty limited.
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Question: M near to cmplt my 9th mon. Wt should i eat n do for a normal n easy labor n delivery... Plz help..
Answer: Evryday walk half an hour in morning and half an hour in evening...be active and take a healthy diet
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Question: what food to eat in the 9th month of pregnancy
Answer: protein at this time and less carbohydrate whatever you will need just feed it in small quantity repeatedly , have Dairy product , if you can't have milk then you can have paneer tofu chhena, eat leafy vegetables , lots of fruits and fruit juices , have fibrous food also , that will help to clear your stool , drink 1.5 litre water daily , if you have not any problem of high BP so you can drink green coconut water .. walk for 30 minutes everyday in medium speed ,
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