7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Without knowing pregnant I drink 1 glass ofbeer and sip vodka is there any problem for baby

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Answer: Hi friend don't worry if you have made this mistake by chance little quantities might not have harm the baby don't worry but make sure next time you are not taking this. Take care
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Question: Hi, im 25 weeks pregnant and today without knowing i drank 1 sip diluted lizol (used for cleaning floor). Till now no problem. Will it affect my baby. So much worried. Plz do reply
Answer: Hi dear plz take a very very good care of such thing .Such mistake can seriously affect ur babu. I don't think 1 sip can affect u much. Just try to vomit the water and after that drink lots of water to make sure tummy will get clear.
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Question: Without knowing i had prepone period tablets while pregnancy there is any problem to my baby i worrying about that
Answer: How long did you take the tabs Also please mention the name of tablet Latest usg done ? I will advise one usg if not done yet We need to see the symmetry of placenta and baby heartbeat. Do not worry.
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Question: I'm leaking urine without knowing...is there any problem
Answer: Hi. It happens during pregnancy. But still consult gynecologist and u can try kegel exercises
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