4 months old baby

Question: Wiil urine reduce during this summer season for babies

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Answer: Hi In summer urination will reduce ,if the baby is dehydrated passes less urine.at 4 months of age babies has to pass 6-8 tyms a day.keep him hydrated.as you cant give him water,try to breastfeed as frequent as you can.
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Question: Mam,is there any home remedy for 10 mth babies for prickly heat during this season
Answer: Hi. To avoid prockly heat keep baby im soft cotton cloth, which are confortable. Also dont wrap baby too much , keep the room well vantilated and bath baby with dettol watee some times.
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Question: What oil is good or to be used for massaging babies during this summer season?
Answer: It is better to masaage with coconut oil during the summer because it is light easily absorbed in skin, full of minarels. It's make your baby supple, smooth. You can use few drops of olive oil with coconut oil which will strenthen baby skin, but if baby skin craked then don't use olive oil.
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Question: Helow tips for calming my baby during summer season
Answer: Hi.. Just hold ur baby and make him lie on ur shoulder. Massage her back gently. Try to hold baby in different positions. Take ur baby outside so that baby can get fresh air. Sing in a low voice so that baby can sleep
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