32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why umbilical cord blood flow show decreased diastolic flow s/d3.2.placenta fundal anterior with grade3 maturity. Baby weight 1745gram. Afi12cm at31week

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Answer: Hi dear by your report it seems that there is a resistance in the blood flow which is causing the diastolic notch and your present eyes already grade 3 maturity hence it may lead up to placental insufficiency where is what happens is that your Placenta doesn't work the way it should be at around this time and the nutrients of the blood or oxygen whichever is carried through Placenta gets hampered so in this situation you need to do what your doctor suggest you to do. Please don't over stress yourself your doctor is there to help you keep calm and have faith everything will be alright .. Take care!
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Question: Umbilical cord blood flow decreased diastolic flow s/d3.2.mca Doppler normal
Answer: hi dear! so if there is decreased diastolic blood flow then you will have to keep a check on the baby's growth and also the movements . and also the s/d ratio should be less than or equal to 3 yours is very mildly increase if its above 4 then it can be a problem. so dont worry dear. there wont be any problem dear. take care dear.
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Question: Why umbilical cord blood flow decreased.
Answer: Hi dear umbilical cord blood blood is decreases in your place entire scaring or less blood to the baby is that what you want to say, is your Placenta matured early? please let us know what your report shows so that we can help you .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Umbilical artery shows decreased diastolic flow s/d3.2 grade 3maturity with31week is it normal
Answer: Hi dear There is resistance in the blood flow which will lead to placental insufficiency. So make sure to have a proper check up with doctor.
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