33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why stomach tightness

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Answer: Because your uterus is expanding to accommodate your baby...
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Question: Why do i feel stomach tightness? When i touch my belly it feels so tight
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. Tummy tightness is mostly due to gas and hormone changes. Stomach tightness can be reduced to a great extent by taking cumin water with ghee and sugar. It helps to get relief from gas so tummy becomes lose. Take care
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Question: Feeling so much tightness in my stomach from last 2days but baby movement is happening..why this tightness happens??
Answer: high as the baby is growing in the uterus is expanding the muscles are getting stressed because of which you are getting this tightness in the stomach do not worry you can do homework the compression you can bend slightly towards the pain which will help to give you relief
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Question: Feeling tightness of stomach!
Answer: Hello! The stretching of ligaments is responsible for abdominal tightening. As the baby grows and demands more space, the uterus stretches itself pushing the other organs. Because of this, the stomach becomes hard and tight with each passing day, and you could feel uncomfortable with your stomach being tight. Round ligament pain is fairly common during this phase of pregnancy. This may not be regular though. Besides this constipation, large meals, or flatulence can also lead to abdominal tightening.
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