8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why should yellow bleeding in 2 month pragnancy

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Answer: Hello dear... Yellow discharge or bleeding in pregnancy may occur due to any infection, know as candidiasis, so please consult doctor
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Question: In second or third month why bleeding
Answer: Dear if you are facing bleeding it has to be reported to doctor immediately. Any kind of bleeding is not a good sign. Please visit your gynae. Hope it helps.
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Question: Why not feeling hungry in pragnancy
Answer: hello dear! don't overfeed your baby. it will result in vomiting. after feeding do not make him lie down on the bed immidiately . try to tap him on his shoulder for almost 20 mins. is he on formula milk or breastfeed? because sometimes babies get allergic to certain types of formula brand. try checking with doctor. feed him every 2 to 3 hours or whenevr he demands. All the best!
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Question: Why not fell hungru more in pragnancy
Answer: It's normal dear staring month me hota h but u should try to eat healthy food
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