12 months old baby

Question: Why should I avoid using wheeled walker plz advice

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Answer: there are actually two types of Walker . in one you must place the child inside the Walker it may be 4 or 8 wheels around the circle of the Walker . in this type your baby tend to split the legs when she is placed inside the Walker . she may walk on her toes as she is well balanced by the walker. Where on the other type which is Three Wheel and looks similar to the trolley in a supermarket . if at all you wanted to get your child a Walker this is the best and the preferred choice . because the child needs to be well balanced and stand in a stable position the chances of walking with legs apart and on her toes is less compared to that of that Walker . you can easily find the difference of a child being trained to walk in the previous type Walker . this three tier 3 normal trolley Walker has no side effects and it has been used since the olden days which will never affect the walking style of your baby .
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Question: Is wheeled walker is safe for babies to walk
Answer: Hi! Please let the baby walk naturally, Doctors even ask to not put babies in walker. Absolutely nothing good about them...You can use a push walker instead after baby has learned to stand and taking steps. Walking is a milestone that all babies achieve. It absolutely need NOT be taught or supported with hands. When a child begins to walk it's a huge challenge in terms of falling down, losing balance, bumping into things and getting hurt. The initial walking stages requires constant vigilance and supervision by an adult. It could be potentially harmful in the long run in terms of posture. Please allow the child to learn to walk by himself /herself. Walking isn't only about mobility. It also plays a huge part in gaining confidence and independence.
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