9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why my urine become dark yellow in color

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Answer: Because ur intake of water is very low, your getting dehydrated. Please drink plenty of water to avoid this.
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Question: Why is my baby urine yellow in color
Answer: Hi! Please check the water intake, feed water frequently dont offer meals more than twice to a 7 month old rest he should be fed only Breast milk or Formula milk. Also thin straw color urine is fine the pee count should be minimum 6 +. Hope this helps!
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Question: Why my urine is dark yellow color?
Answer: Hi, dark yellow means you are not properly hydrated. Please have atleast 4 litres of water. If still it continues then once consult the doctor.
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Question: My urine colour is dark yellow why
Answer: Dark yellow color shows your less water intake so drink lots of water 12-15 glass per day.
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